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Embark upon an adventure to collect gems in this endless running game

Embark upon an adventure to collect gems in this endless running game

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Program license: Free

Program by: Imangi Studios

Version: 1.92.0

Works under: Android


Program license

(2,591 votes)


Program by


Imangi Studios


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Temple Run 2 takes a classic endless runner and makes it even bigger and better.

The original Temple Run was the kind of phenomenon that only occurs in the mobile space when the stars align for a great game. Temple Run 2 may never be as popular as its forerunner, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lesser game. In fact, the developers have improved on the game in almost every way and done a really good job of countering issues in the original, such as a lack of level diversity.

For those unfamiliar with the genre, Temple Run 2 has you run through maze like levels overcome obstacles. You avoid navigate by swiping left and right — and in some cases tilting left and right. The farther you run and the more obstacles you avoid, the higher your score but also the harder it becomes. This particular endless runner is set within a world inspired by Indiana Jones; you’re an archaeologist navigating temple ruins, avoiding boulders, hopping platforms and so forth.

Even kids and people who aren’t very good at video games can have fun with this game, and if you are a skilled gamer, you’ll be rewarded by some really challenging platforming as you proceed. There are numerous level changes. The game uses some verticality now, such as swinging from a rope, and at times, you’ll be riding in a minecart and tilting left and right to remain on the track. There are coins, gems and power-ups to collect as you proceed, and you’ll unlock new characters too.

Temple Run 2 is quite a bit more ambitious than its predecessor, and with that has come some bugs, including crashes to desktop at times. The game has been patched since launch, but at the time of this review, the developers still hadn’t achieved the refinement of the original. Another issue is the in-app purchases. On one hand, they’re inoffensive because you never need them to keep playing. On the other hand, if you get into the competitive aspects, the in-app purchases undermine those.


  • Sets standard for endless runners
  • Fun for all ages and skill levels
  • Level diversity keeps it fun


  • A little buggy
  • Microtransactions diminish competition